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February 28, 2018

What a crazy mess....


This is the current state of my you can see, I don't even have room to do anything crafty and creative at the moment...much less find space to do any new tutorial videos, but I PROMISE that will change soon!  Lots of stuff has been going on since about Thanksgiving, and with any luck, things will calm down within a week or two. you see those three boxes stacked on top of one another, hiding behind the paper towels?  Well, THOSE are what I am most excited about tonight!  My Stamparatus pre-order FINALLY arrived!  If you have no idea what a Stamparatus is, I do plan on doing an "unboxing" video and card tutorial using it.  In short, IT IS AMAZING...and will be available to order when our new catalog is released in June.  So, you will have to wait to get your hands on one for a little while, but you will definitely want one once you see how AMAZING IT IS!  Cheers, and keep life scrappy!